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   Riverside Rhymes is a state certified home daycare run by a NJ certified teacher. Here, your kids will get to experience developmentally appropriate play in both my indoor and outdoor classrooms. Unlike one of the huge box centers, here your kids (and you!) will get to form close bonds with me and the other children, letting them learn in a supportive educational environment. I will always be here, everyday, to give them the love and nurturing they need to grow up emotionally, physically, and academically prepared for school.

Researchers all agree that play is the best way for young children to learn. It is through play that children develop their mathematics, linguistic, large and small motor, and social skills. We spend long periods of time in uninterrupted play both indoors and out so that children can develop detailed and sustained dramatic play scenarios. 

For example, in a short play period a child may take out blocks and build 'their house' but then have to clean them up so they can move on to the next activity. During nice long periods of time dedicated to play they may begin by constructing the house but then decide it's on fire, then grab appropriate props to 'put it out'. Then their friend might come over and want to join in but accidentally knock it down. Then the children have to develop their conflict management skills in order to resolve their problem. Our longer periods of play create more opportunities for growth and development in preparation for Kindergarten. During free play, we may: 

make play dough

build a fort

play structured games like Memory

build with blocks

paint at an easel

read books

play in the water table

get creative in the art area

explore nests in the science area

make up silly rhymes and play with letter sounds

dress up

put together a puzzle

'cook' someone dinner

and/or so much more.

      Can you remember what your favorite moment of play was from YOUR childhood? (Think about it. Remember that time you cherish.) Did it take place outside? If it did you have that in common with most other adults. Here at Riverside Rhymes I am dedicated to letting children play in nature. I hope to teach children to cherish our Earth by spending time in all the beauty it has to offer. We take regular field trips to a nearby forest and meadow so your children can learn about science in a natural setting.

There are only 5 spaces available in my daycare at one time so your child will always have my individual attention. The teacher student ratio will never be more that 7 kids to 1 adult.  This is one of those great things that I can offer that conventional day cares cannot. Your children will get to be a part of our 'family' here while you are at work and still get the benefit of a certified teacher infusing their day with 'teachable moments'.