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Riverside Rhymes LLC 

Parent-Provider Contract 

Jessica Clayton 

8 Altier Ave. 

Brick NJ, 08723 

Home Phone: (732) 262-7656 Cell Phone: (201) 658-9008


My child (children) ______________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________ will begin to receive family day care services from Jessica Clayton, Riverside Rhymes LLC, at 8 Altier Ave. Brick, NJ 08723 on ______/______­­­/_________between the hours of 6:30 am and 6:30 pm. They will be attending ______5 days per week, _______4 days per week, ______3 days per ______2 days per week or ______1 day per week or on a ‘drop in’ or variable basis.  Please indicate which days your child (children) will be attending below:

____Monday_____Tuesday_____Wednesday_____Thursday_____Friday_____variable/drop in

Please indicate below whether your child will be attending full or half days and an estimate of what hours they will be attending:

Hours for full days____:____ to ____:____Half day ____:____to____:____ variable/drop in ___

Registration Fee

There is a $50 registration fee. It is due as soon as you sign your contract.

Variable/Drop-In Schedules

Students who come on variable schedules are considered to be receiving drop-in care. Drop-in care students are NOT guaranteed a spot.  They are 'dropping in' to any open spot that is available that day.  Any new full time clients can take the slot of drop-in care clients. Parents will always be given two weeks notice if any full time slots are going to be taken.  If the schedule is variable, you must provide 3 days notice to provider of days/times needed for the upcoming week. 

Provider Fees 

Full day rates-The fee for care will be $40.00 per day when your child attends Riverside Rhymes for 5 or more hours. The fee for any additional children within the same immediate family will be $30.00 per day (a $10.00 discount) when the second child attends 5 or more hours per day.  If your child attends full time (five days a week), you will get a $30.00 discount off the full week rate so you will pay $170/week instead of $200/week. (Additional children maintain the $150.00 full time rate).  

Half day rates-For any day your child attends less than 5 hours, you will pay $5 per hour, rounded to the nearest half hour.  For example, if you dropped off at 3:00 pm and you picked up at 5:10 pm you would pay $10. However if you dropped off at 3:00 pm and picked up at 5:20 pm you would pay $12.50.  

Before or After Care rates-If you need to arrange for before or after care hours (that’s before 6:30 am and/or after 6:30 pm then you will be charged $10/hour. You must notify me in ADVANCE if you are going to be coming in early or staying late. There is no after care hours available on Tuesday.

The Children’s Home Society, NJ Cares, or TANF subsidy will NOT cover the total of your daycare fees. You are responsible for paying both your co-pay and the difference owed.

Payment Schedule

Please indicate whether you would like to pay on a weekly _______or biweekly _______schedule.  Fees are due every Monday following the service week.  For example if your child (children) begin(s) Riverside Rhymes on Monday June 1st the fees for that week are due Monday June 8th or if on a biweekly payment schedule, Monday, June 15th.  Please make all checks out to Riverside Rhymes LLC. 

Late Payment: Payments in full must be made no later than 2 weeks after care is given. If payments are not made in full on the Monday 2 weeks following the care weeks a $10 fee will be charged. Even if you made a partial payment-if you are running any balance after the payments are due, you will incur the $10 late payment fee.  


Each child has 10 free absence days per calendar year. A fee for care will not be charged for the first 10 days they are absent from Riverside Rhymes. However, for each day the child is absent beyond these 10 days, payment for that day is required. For example, if your child has signed up for a 4 day week, and you will be going on vacation that week, and you have already used up your 10 free days, you must pay for all 4 days of care even though your child will not be in attendance.  These free absence days do not carry over from year to year.

Holidays/School Closings 

Riverside Rhymes family child care provider will be closed according to attached yearly calendar and no fee is due for those days. Those days are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  Provider reserves the right to offer services on holidays. If you wish to have services on holidays, you must give provider at least two weeks advance notice.  I will also be taking 1 week vacation this year from August 24th-28th. There will be no fee due for these days either.

Health Care Policy 

An Family Child Care Application Form  (which has your Emergency Contact information on it), a Universal Child Health Record, and a Health Care Statement must be submitted to provider before the start date of care. They must be updated yearly and/or when immunizations are received.  If your child does not have either of these forms in on time, care will be suspended until forms are submitted. 

Sick Children Policies

Please see the Sick Children Policies guideline that further specifies when children will be excluded from center for illness.  Summation: No child who is three months or younger may be given care if sick. If your child is three months or older, a sick child can remain in the center as long as the following reasons for exclusion do not occur: 

1.       The child doesn't feel well enough to participate comfortably in routine activities.

2.       The ill child requires more care than provider is able to provide without compromising the health and safety of the other children.

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